janet farley

career consultant

changing the world, one word at a time.
because somebody has to do it.

Career Consultant

It has been said that if you do what you love, you'll never work a
day in your life. Whether I'm getting paid for it or not, I love
what I do. Professionally, I help others achieve their career
goals and/or dreams through genuine inspiration and job search
expertise. I think it's a gift.

I currently serve as a panel expert for the National Military
Spouse Network
and work with job-seeking military spouses and
transitioning service members.

 Author and Freelance Writer

I write about the things I care about and  I care deeply about many

things. Near the top of that list are those who selflessly serve our
country in and out of uniform and those who have given their hearts
to them. To date, I've authored seven career guides targeted to
them.  To learn more about them, see My Books.

I also currently write monthly career columns for The Military
Officers Association of America
and Military Transition News.

My Thoughts...

Given the right opportunity, I think everyone should experience
living in a foreign country at least once. You get to see the world
and learn about new cultures while sharing a piece of your own.

I'm grateful that I have that opportunity now.

It gives me hope for world peace.

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